fredag 17 april 2015


Gjorde en LO till CSI - Case file 159 :)

Really loved the colors so I sneeked away to my scrap room and hurried to make a LO. The picture is really bad but what to do when you don't have time to take a photo in the day light.
Scheme: All colors used

Evidence: I managed to get all of the evidence this time

Testimony: Since I'm really bad at seeing the good things about myself, I wrote about all the good thing I have around me and make me me, and what makes me feel so lucky. It says in swedish: "I feel so lucky for the life I'm living. A wonderful husband, four great kids, a work I really enjoy, a good house and a surrounding nature who always is there for me. A not the least, a great hobby that gives me peace in my soul when everything else wants my attention."

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