lördag 13 december 2014


Hittade en LO som jag inte bloggat än, men gjort och lämnat in som bidrag till CSI:s utmaning S365-9. Jag hade turen att bli vald som topp 5 och kommer därför att få gästa dem i januari :).

Så här har jag löst fallet:

Scheme: All colors used :)
Evidence: Leaves, Transportation accents, Music elements, Mist, Watercolor, Heart, Metal, Fence, Scatter something, Numbers. Only missed the string :)

Testimony: I handwrote my journaling about the adventure of having twins instead of just one baby. It says: "To have another child, a third miracle felt amazing. Judge our surprise when there was two little hearts beating in my belly. We were shocked but extremely happy. We, who thought that we knew all about having a baby, had to think again. How would it be with two babies? How do you make it? How do you even hold two babies? A lot of questions spun around in our heads, but when you came out, everything just worked out. Everything felt natural and now we think that everyone should want to have twins. It's just simply amazing!"

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