lördag 13 december 2014

Rembember today

Eftersom jag under november blev topp 5 med en LO inne hos CSI så blev jag ombedd att vara Special Deputy hos dem i december. Här är mitt första bidrag till det. Case file S365-10

I'm so happy to be one of the Special Deputies this month and here's my first contribution.
Scheme: Loved the colors and they also work for a boy page.

Evidence: Jars, Metal, Flowers and Leaves, Bricks, Tags, Ribbon, Hang something from a ribbon, Cursive font, Chalk

Testimony: I handwrote my journaling on the tags. It says in Swedish: All dressed up for your christening in the church in Anundsjö. Afterwards there was cake and coffee for the entire family. You got a whole lot of nice gifts and money. For example a play bin, jewelry, photo albums and fairytale books. All in all, it was a very nice day.

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