söndag 25 januari 2015

7 år

Jag hade äran att få vara Special Deputy hos CSI även under januari och här är mitt första bidrag till januaris utmaningar.

"Since I have the pleasure of being Special Deputy in January, here comes my first contribution. A picture from last January when my now 8-year-old woke up to baloons and cake.
Scheme: All colors used

Evidence: Frame, Doodles, Banner, Triangles, Cupcake, Other animal, Sprinkle something, Loops

Testimony: I handwrote my journaling that says in Swedish "My big, pretty girl. 7 years have passed since we got to meet you for the first time, and since then a lot has happened. You're so kind and good, the world greatest big sister. We couldn't get by without you. We love you!"

Sketch: Followed the sketch"

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