onsdag 22 oktober 2014


Senaste LOn gjord inne hos CSI - Color, Stories, Imagination. Jag har totalt fallit för deras utmaningar varje vecka. Jag gillar ju verkligen när man får klara direktiv om vad man får göra och inte, och här bestämt ju färgerna och sen får man välja saker ur två listor. Helt i min smak. Här är vad jag valde från veckans listor:

Evidence: Dots, Chevron, Clouds, Animals (Butterfly and Ladybugs), Mushrooms, Kraft background, Layer elements, Buttons, Misting. All except three :)
Testimony. I wrote down a childhood memory using the inspirational words on the tag behind the photo. It says: When I was a child about your age, you didn't get to watch TV or play video-games as much as you do today. Instead you had to use your imagination and make up new games. When I was about ten we won a Nintendo and one game to it and this single game we played over and over. In total we ended up having just three games and that was fine. Nowadays that's not the case. You and your sister each have an Ipad with lots of games and apps, and you always want more games. In addition to that you have TV, VCR and DVD. Where will it end?

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